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2007-04-26, 6:50 a.m.

WARNING: ADULT CONTENT. If you're going to be offended, stop reading now and close the window....

It's been a nice, quiet week. The weather has been warm and birds are building a nest in my birdhouse.... Spring is finally here.

Newcomer and I have had a chat. He discovered that he does not relish the role of sub. This is fine, since my initial feeling of dominance with him quickly evaporated. I could feel his desire to dominate when we were together, and it made me hesitant. And it tends to bring out the sub in me as well... We have agreed to be friends and maybe play from time to time, but he really needs to settle in and get a routine going first.

Porter and I chat every evening. We are to meet Sunday for our first overnight visit. I decided to take him to the movies with me. We are going to a movie that has been out for a bit and it will be a sunday night, so I don't expect too many people in the theatre. This may present an opportunity for a little subtle play in public. He has been instructed to wear shorts (if weather permits) and no underwear. I am still deciding whether to have him wear the plug while we're out. He expressed the fear that it may fall out, and with no underwear on that would be embarassing. I offered to let him wear some lace panties I have here if he is that afraid. Such torment for the little boy.

I have decided that Porter should experience discipline at each visit. Discipline will no doubt be pleasant for him, even if it is a bit painful. He is excited at the idea. The truly painful will be reserved for punishment. He asked if he should remove his clothing at the door on sunday, but I told him that we won't have alot of time before the movie. He will come in, pull his shorts down about his knees, and lay himself over my lap. I've decided the hairbrush will warm his ass enough to remind him that our "date" still requires him to be vigilant.

Porter has a terrible time opening up when we are together. He has little trouble telling me things when we chat online, but can't express his feelings face to face. In the interest of bringing him out, I have decided that he may have certain priveledges, but only if he asks for them. He will pay for them with lashes from the crop - just so that he does not think he is "entitled" to any of them just because he asks. Small priveledges such as kissing will carry a light price, but larger ones will be expensive. The idea appeals to him and he has agreed. I intend to tease him mercilessly until he abandon's his shyness and asks for what he wants.

I am very much looking forward to Porter's next visit. I have been shopping online and have a list of things I want to purchase. I have my eye on a pretty little strap-on for my little boy.

And as for the one Master who captured my interest... We keep missing each other. I have not heard from him in a bit. I am still very suspicious that his marital status is not what he stated it was. Maybe I'm looking too far into it. It's too bad. I need a little discipline myself....

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